Could I be Making My Child’s Obsessions Worse?


January 15, 2009


As of late, Berlyn has been acquiring obsessions.  She goes crazy for a specific collection of objects around the house. If she doesn’t have her things my world gets very dark and ugly and not worth living until we find them.  Right now, here are her obsessions:

her bunny blanket

her movie (she’s since moved on from Cinderella)

her red sparkle shoes

and the color purple, not the movie Oprah was in, but the actual color purple.

I can empathize with the girl, I NEED to watch the latest installment of The Bachelor, eat marshmallow cookies, and my a.m. cup of coffee. But am I making it worse for her by always giving into her whims? Should I put boundaries on her obsessions? I personally don’t always get to do what I want. I would love to sit around all day and watch a certain brainless television show where women humiliate themselves in hopes of tragically falling in love with a built-up idea of a man, who can never live up to the expectation she has created, but I can’t, partly because it’s only on Monday nights, but whatever. I know that I can’t always have what I want. It’s a life long lesson, but as a toddler, should I expect her to know that? What would I be accomplishing by setting limits on her movie watching or carrying around her bunny blanket? Would I just be pissing her off? The last thing I want is a pissed off Berlyn.

So, for now, I’ll grant her her sparkle shoes, even if they don’t match her outfit, because she has a long road ahead of her, filled with crap that sucks, and if sparkly shoes and a bunny blanket help her cope, then that’s just fine by me.


I would like some sparkly shoes and a bunny blanket, please. 🙂

by sarah on January 19, 2009

i miss you 🙂

by melinda on January 26, 2009

my niece got a plastic sparkly tiara at age 3 for Christmas or birthday.

she wore it, NO kidding, every day all day for the next year at least, even to bed. when it finally started to give up the ghost and it began it’s disintigration into pieces, my sister had to use all manner of hair acoutrements to hold it on her head. she got another few months out of it. niece was finally reduced to carrying pieces of it in her ‘purse’ until all the bits were finally lost. $1 trinket = priceless happy for a kid.

her brother did the same thing with a pair of cowboy boots. he outgrew the boots and was reduced to cramming his feet into the calves of the stupid things. and yes, he clomped around the house with his feet stuck in the tops of those boots. he had a daily hissy when it was time to take them off for bathtime. diaper, jammies, boots, bottle….check.

he also had a thing for weapons. it started with the 2 plastic pistols in the cowboy play set. forget the holster, the pistols were stuck in the diaper. plastic ninja swords soon joined his ‘must have’ collection. stuck into his boots and diaper. bandolero he HAD to wear as a belt. various other ‘weapons’…… all stashed in his diaper and boots.

it took him a year to cross the living room, as everything continually fell out of his abused, saggy diaper and he spent more time picking up and rearranging his stuff than walking (in the tops of the boots)….

my sister has strange kids. LOL and they’re fine after their obssessive years.

by ShyAsrai on January 31, 2009

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