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December 31, 2012

Instead of writing a long drawn out post about our year in review. I think I’ll just post the last six Christmas cards we’ve sent out. Because I’m tired and forming sentences is a lot of work. I actually need to nap after I wrote those last three sentences.


My husband took the photos and designed each and every card, because he’s awesome.¬†Except this year we got to retire the camera/tripod/remote control combo, because we finally got fancy and hired a real photographer.


First Christmas with Berlyn. She's about 9 months old.


This was our second year with Berlyn, and Zoey managed to include her anus in the shot, so we were super thrilled with that.


I was a few weeks away from delivering Hudson, and I think I let Berlyn dress herself for this photo.

Brumfield Christmas 2010

Our first year with Hudson, well technically second, because he was born 4 days before Christmas.


Then there was our Royal Tenenbaums Christmas card, I think we were both drunk when we conceived this idea.

Brumfield 2012 front (low)

Brumfield 2012 back (low)

2012 Christmas card. And now our family is complete.

I hope you had an amazing Christmas and I wish you all a happy New Year!


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It’s fun looking over your Christmas card procession! It must feel amazing to be complete as a family.

by Anna on January 6, 2013

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