Child Labor


March 23, 2010


Who’s gonna clean this mess?

I’d ask Hudson to do it,

but he has like ZERO dexterity.

I’d ask Berlyn,

but she’s in a mood. And I’m kinda afraid of her.

Fine. Whatever.

I’ll do it.

But I don’t understand why pepole have kids,

if they don’t do your chores for you.


I told Meg that now that she has a social security number she damn well better be getting a job.

by Libby on March 23, 2010

That picture of Berlyn is priceless. I love her… I can’t stop laughing.

by Jenielle on March 23, 2010

That is awesome. I tell Kirk all the time that I want to speed up our baby having timeline since he won’t budge on getting a house cleaner!

by Julie Snell on March 23, 2010

Just wait for the teen years when their social life may depend on chores muahahahahaha >.<

by Natalie on March 26, 2010

Too funny!
I can’t get either of mine to do any of mine either.

by Cara on March 26, 2010

This made me laugh. I totally relate to Berlyn’s face. Just one of those days.

by melinda on March 29, 2010

Hi, I’m new here. Loving your blog…keep disturbing my husband in bed while reading your archives. He’s not digging the vibrating bed…or my snorting. Anyway…what Natalie said. My four are teens/preteens and have been old enough to do all the kitchen chores/vacuuming/cleaning of their bathroom for several years now. I only touch the dishes while they are at camp. It’s pretty sweet. Hold on, it will be here before you know it!

by Carrie on July 28, 2010

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