By Starlight


July 7, 2008

you should see the stars tonight
how they shimmer shine so bright

against the black they look so white
coming down from such a height


to reach me now


And how could such a thing
shine its light on me


and make everything beautiful?


Her little face is so sweet.

by Dena on July 7, 2008

Hello! I found your website through This was the song I walked down the aisle to (the lyrics on your post) on my wedding day, sung by a friend. Thought I’d say hi, and I hope your migraine has let up. Those are a real bitch.

by Brooke on July 7, 2008

How come when I take pictures of fireworks it’s just a bright blur?

by Tootsie Farklepants on July 8, 2008

*sniff* so beautiful!

by Marketing Mama on July 8, 2008

Hi Beckey! I just wanted to tell you I love looking at your website…it’s fun to read when I’m super bored at work, like right now! Thanks for the entertainment


by Chelsea Boyd on July 8, 2008

Hey Becky,

I hope your head is feeling much better. Let’s meet up soon, I have some yummy chocolate to drop off with you.

BTW, did I ever give you Jason’s website?


by heart shaped hedges on July 8, 2008

And….congratulations, I have just given you the Arte di Pico award, you can pick it up at my blog 🙂

by heart shaped hedges on July 9, 2008

Hey Beckey,

Im sorry I dont have your contact info besides your message section, LOL.

I could get together tomorrow….not sure of your schedule… kids have swim team from 10-12…but could meet before hand for coffee….or after for lunch/swimming…..or evening…..let me know what works for ya 🙂

And, thank you for breaking the silence of the crickets on my blog…as the only one (of 5) that picked up her fantabulous award.

by heart shaped hedges on July 10, 2008

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