Brums Vs. NYC


July 12, 2012


After being stuffed with German food, and being over stimulated on all things mid-century modern at Oma’s house in Jamestown, we traveled East to NYC.


We stayed in SoHo, among the cobblestone streets, and the occasional model sighting. Whenever I saw one, I’d slap Pat’s arm, and try to nonchalantly gawk. I can’t help my exuberance for all things waif-like and high fashion.


We saw some amazing fireworks off the Hudson River.


We went to the Natural History Museum to meet the dinosaurs.



(I am crushing your head)



After dinosaurs we went to FAO Schwartz.



And spoiled the children with a load of toys.


We also went to Brooklyn, where we realized that there are only people 30 years and younger living there, and they’re all ultra hipsters.

Bikes, mustaches, homemade beer, basically giving Portland a run for it’s money.



We explored the Chelsea Highline. Where everything was 10 degrees hotter. Clearly, I was super happy about that.


Central Parked it up.




This was the only photo of Pat and me together. Because traveling with our monsters in this crazy big city is hard, yo. And I felt like I never exhaled the entire time.


Please don’t run that close to the street!

Careful that dog might bite!

You want to eat, AGAIN?!

I was a collection of anxiety and nerves over things covered in urine, speeding taxis, and people that may or may not have been hobos.


But my children loved being in the city. They loved the hustle and the constant stream of things to see.


Especially Berlyn, she had this graceful ease about her while navigating the streets. It was as if she belonged there, she fit right in; she and NYC were simpatico.




I have a feeling we’ll all be back sooner rather than later.


Farewell New York, we’ll see you soon.


i just got back to the US and am visiting my parents in NJ-I’m bummed I missed you but looks like swell times in the city. Thats what we call it; the city-because there is no other real city. 🙂

by Kelly on July 13, 2012

NYC is the best. I try to get up there as often as possible, and since it’s only like $9 to ride the Megabus from Philadelphia to NY I’m pretty good at getting up there often.

My son wants to go there for his 7th birthday in March, because he is tired of living in “a super small town like Philadelphia” and wants to see what a busy city is like.

I’m glad you guys had fun!

by Lora on July 16, 2012

Um, can I go on your next family vacation? I love how you chronicled it with the fantastic pictures! (And I can’t believe I didn’t ask you about your trip last night at dinner!)

by Michelle on July 20, 2012

I often too have the same question:

“You want to eat, AGAIN!”

by Jessica on July 27, 2012

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