Beckey’s housewife tip number 1, brought to you by Kettle One Vodka, without which, this post wouldn’t be possible


October 9, 2008

Tip: Do housework while sipping a zippy martini. Here’s why:

1. Cleaning out the pubes in the bathroom won’t seem as offensive
2. You’ll notice you have super human strength; lifting the couches to dust underneath will be a breeze, and you’ll wonder why you’ve never thought of that before.
3. Your multitasking savvy just got a whole lot savvier. Doing 2 things at once will seem like child’s play, and you’ll suddenly be taking on 6 tasks at once: yet none will get finished…

My fingernails are filthy, I got bleach on my 120 dollar sweat pants, and my armpits are dewy and stinky, but I don’t give a rat’s ass because I’m slightly buzzed and my house is clean!! Zing zandan! Thanks Kettle One.


Will you get hammered and clean my house? Or maybe I’ll drink the Ketel One and outsource the cleaning portion.

by dgm on October 12, 2008

Where in god’s name do you find 120$ sweatpants?

by Anonymous on October 17, 2008

Yes! I love getting my buzz on and then cleaning my place. I clean all the little things that I don’t usually notice or clean.

by S on May 26, 2009

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