Back to School


September 6, 2013

So, it just got real.

All of it.



Because school is back in session, lunches need to be packed, and kids need to be driven around places, which is weird, because I have a first grader now, and if she can handle reading chapter books and adding three-digit numbers together, I’m pretty sure she can handle a stick shift. No? Maybe next year. Arn’t kids in Kansas driving their tractors to school at age 8? Maybe we should move to Kansas. Whatever.

Oh and a note about lunches: I packed some chocolate chip bunny graham crackers as Berlyn’s snack the other day.


I’m almost positive those are healthy because I bought them at Whole Foods, plus they say “homegrown” right on the box, and I’m pretty sure that means vegetables are used in the recipe. And as my daughter was delightfully munching her crackers on the very first day of school, a teacher wanders over and tells her that tomorrow she needs to bring a healthier snack.


This is coming from a school where other student’s parents send them off with extra nacho cheese Doritos, and Pop Tarts, and chocolate milk. The same school who feeds my daughter brightly frosted cupcakes from the grocery store and doughnuts and Kool-Aid and Nestle Toll House ice cream sandwiches on “ice cream Fridays” and you’re telling me that my snack isn’t healthy enough for her?!




Not cool school. Not cool.

So my days have moved from being lazy and weird and purposeless┬áto hurried and crazy. We’re mostly late and I’m going to forget when it’s bring a show-and-tell, and is a frozen burrito an acceptable lunch for a three-year old? They have access to microwaves, right?

Yup, my three-year old started school.



He’s preschooling it like a boss. Pat and I dropped him off on the first day and he was all, peace out M and D. I got this. So then Pat and I shrugged, gave each other a high-five and then went out for pancakes.

Now two-thirds of my children are in school, and for a few hours every other day excluding holidays and weekends, it is peaceful. Well, that is if Silas naps. THEN, oh, sweet then, is when it is truly peaceful. So that’s what my September through June looks like. And if you want to hang out with me, then you have to meet me somewhere no farther than 10 minutes from my house on a Tuesday or Thursday in between 10:30 and 11:30. Sound good? Great.

And we’ll cheers to a new school year.


With our latte cups of course.


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