An Update on Silas

Five and a half months ago I was pregnant with Silas. I was swollen with hope and newness. I was giddy about the mysterious gender of my child. I planned an easy birth, easy recovery, easy peasie. But instead my uterus ruptured, blood flowed from me, and that giddiness was replaced with fear, trembling, and horror.

Ever since his birth, the word Emmanuel has always come to the forefront of my mind, it’s Hebrew for God with us. In those moments that lead up to his birth there was fear, but God was with us, in that moment when I couldn’t stop trembling, God was with us. And in that moment that the doctor lifted Silas out of my broken and toxic uterus, God was with us.

His birth was tumultuous. The outstanding fact that he is alive is a miracle.


His entry into the world caused his blood to be highly acidic, which could have effected his brain, heart, lungs, and other organs. And because of that, the doctors that monitored him in the NICU wanted to see him in six months after we left the hospital, to see if anything abnormal started to develop.

I know he’s fine and I know he’s perfect, and I even rely on him being fine and perfect because it puts space between us and his scary birth.

So today we went to his appointment to see how he is developing and we found out that Silas is normal.

photo 1-4

Silas is normal!

photo 2-4

That simple sentence comes with a flood of emotion.

Silas is normal, nay, Silas is remarkable.

He saw his same NICU doctor and an occupational therapist, here’s how he did:

Silas is five and a half months so they had to adjust the testing to his actual age.

 Age: 5.5 months

Cognitive Index (thinking, problem-solving): At 6 month level

Language: Receptive Index: 5.5 months

Language: Expressive Index: 6 months

Fine Motor: 6 months

Neuromotor: Normal maturation of reflexes

Gross Motor: Normal


So…not only is he normal in most areas, but in some areas he’s advanced!

I know, only by two weeks, but still!



5 thoughts on “An Update on Silas

  1. This brought happy tears to my eyes! Coming from a mommy of a little one with fine and gross motor challenges, I am so happy that it’s not a challenge that you and Silas will have to face. Yay for normal! Yay for remarkable! Yay for Emmanuel!!!

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