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September 16, 2013

photo 4

When we finally realized that the sun from Silas’ East facing window was waking him up every morning, I started to look for some curtains to keep it dark, so the whole house could sleep in a little bit.

Teensy bit.


Much like being alone while pooping, sleeping until 7:25 is a luxury that I rarely get to indulge in.

After looking at Anthropologie and Land of Nod for cute curtains, I cried a little bit, because Anthro wants $250.00 per panel. That’s $500.00 bucks for curtains people!

Enter Ikea.

I keep trying to quit Ikea, but I’m a glutton for their meatballs, and I keep coming back for more. Just kidding their meatballs are gross, I like the rediculously low prices, and trying to pronounce their Swedish products.



So I bribed my tribe with soft serve, and took them to Ikea, they bounced on beds and smacked chairs, and I searched out the perfect curtains.
I was unimpressed with their selection, so I bought 5 yards of fabric instead, because I’m really good at sewing.

Except not at all. My mom never sewed. And my step-mom is a wizard seamstress, and tried to teach me once, but all I heard was measure this and mathematic that, and really I’m not much of a numbers girl. I enjoy the tried and true “eyeball” method for most things in my life.

But now I was the proud owner of 5 yards of fabric, and I had some eyeballing and sewing to do.

Also, 5 yards of fabric for $25.00!

So for $25.00 you’d better believe I was going to sew the crap out of that fabric.

Anthropologie can shove it. I didn’t want your whimsical bird curtains anyways.



photo 3

photo 2

But don’t behold too closely, because you’ll see my shoddy workmanship:

photo 5


Their fabric selection and elder berry juice keep me coming back for more! I’m a big fan of no sew fabric glue and that’s about as close as I get to sewing….I love those curtains, you’re a pro in my book.

by mariah on September 16, 2013

At least you got them up! I tucked mine in the blinds. I should really get the curtain rods up. We will not be winning any decorating contests here but I will get to sleep till 8am. Yay for curtains!

by Christine S on September 16, 2013

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