A room of his own


November 10, 2009

We’re going to have a baby here soon, but we haven’t done anything with the baby’s room.

See? I’m not lying:



What’s the hold up, you ask?

Other than sheer laziness?

And denial?


Well it’s the fact that we don’t have a theme picked out, silly.

Babies’ rooms need themes people.

Wildly adorable themes, and that crap they peddle at Babies R Us isn’t cutting it.


That? Up there, with the basketballs and footballs? No way, I’d rather eat dog food for an entire year.

So we had to start brainstorming.

First we were going to paint a stripe on the ceiling and just do a modern room. We found this room in a Domino Magazine as inspiration:


But then we saw this old subway poster and thought we should do an industrial revolution theme and use the colors black, rust and navy.


But then we saw this old life preserver and captain’s mirror thought we’d do a nautical/pirate’s theme.


But nautical and pirate themed rooms are super cliché and over done.

Which got us thinking, what isn’t cliché?


You never see a rat nursery. And I found this amazing rug that would go super nice with his crib.


Maybe a Jesus theme? Because he’s coming at Christmas time, and we still haven’t ruled out the possibility of naming him Jesus.

We can line a shelf with those fancy Jesus candles they sell at the grocery store in between the ethnic rice and Duraflame logs.


Or, hey! What about an anatomy themed room? We can make a mobile of internal organs, and hang photos of the digestive system.


Clearly I need help, do you guys have any ideas? Cliché or orginal, whatever, I’m desperate.


We did Surfer in my son’s room. I installed bead board, and chair rail, and painted the rest green, then we collected surfing themed stuff from where ever we saw it, I also headed down to the pier and took pictures, and blew them up in frames for a personal touch. Good luck!

by Adam @ Reluctant Stay at Home Dad on November 10, 2009

I vote for the internal organ theme. This way whatever baby Jesus does in his room that he should only do in a diaper or a spit up cloth, well, it’ll fit the theme. Besides, it will give him that extra head start on pre-med.

by MomZombie on November 10, 2009

The road-kill rat is timeless.

by North County Mike on November 10, 2009

I love that Domino mag inspiration one. Gorgeous!

by Kgroovy on November 10, 2009

I’m all about orange and teal right now.

by Kristin Sellars on November 10, 2009

I really like the idea of a graffiti inspired room. It lends itself to just about any color and can go a bit industrial with the subway sign that you found. Plus if he writes on his walls in a couple of years you can play it off as part of the decor.

Skate boards, the rat rug and recycled tire art also come to mind.

by Jessica on November 10, 2009

We didn’t do a ‘theme’ for our son’s room just because I don’t like the idea of a cliched baby room. Instead we went with an aqua color on the walls and pretty much added some bright colors in the way of bedding and accessories. I love the modern nursery and the subway poster. Can’t wait to see what you come up with! I’m sure it’ll be fantastic.

by Michelle on November 10, 2009

You should go with what his interests are. If you’ll be breastfeeding, I think you should go with a breast theme. Maybe Patrick will give up some magazines for wallpaper. If you’re formula feeding, I’d go with chemistry charts, maybe a few cows…

You’re welcome.

by dgm on November 11, 2009

Um, yeah. Jesus candles have inspired my entire kitchen rehab…


I’ll let you know if I have anything that I don’t use!

by Lora on November 11, 2009

What about an art-themed room? Like, run a line of paint handprints along the middle of the wall as a border, and…I don’t know what else. I just liked the idea of handprints. You could invite family over and you can all add handprints. I’m so bad with baby stuff. I’m sorry.

Hey, do you want to join my Becky Club? It’s not really a club, it’s just a list of Beckys on my sidebar. I have two Beckys so far. Me and another blogger. You’re a Beckey, but it counts. Let me know!

by Steam Me Up, Kid on November 11, 2009

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