A New Playroom for 2013


January 3, 2013

Hello new year.


I don’t have any resolutions to commit to you.


Not because I don’t think I can benefit from some new habits, but because I’m in a holding pattern at the moment.

It’s called survival. And it goes a little something like this: keep baby alive. Keep other children alive. Keep myself from drinking all the beer in the house and passing out on the couch with See’s Candies wrappers littered all over my chest.

As long as I can check those three things off my list, I’ve considered the day a raging success.

Life for me is still a little hard. It’s getting a tiny bit easier. But my 5-year-old still has another week off from school. As much as I like that I don’t have to be anywhere on time, I’m kind of out of activities she can do while the other two sleep. There’s only so much entertainment a pack of chewing gum and a roll of tape can provide a kindergartner.

Plus life with a newborn means I’m home more than usual, and being home all the time makes me all antsy and projecty, which manifests itself in the form of, all I want to do is redecorate our house!

Christmas was a scary time for me.

Christ was born, and that’s always super exciting, and not scary at all. The scary part came in the form of all the stuff that my children were gifted. And those presents are making me question everything about life.

Really, the gifts are causing me to ask existential questions.

Because they are taking over my house. They are trickling out of rooms, and falling off shelves and they don’t have any consideration for my mental health.

I wonder why we need presents at all. Are toys even necessary in growing up children? When I was little my brother and I played in the planter on the porch that was filled with dead boxwood and cat feces.

Look how good I turned out.

The toys have become a point of tension for me, because I’m always one truant Candyland piece away from erupting like Mount Vesuvius.

And I’ve finally decided that something must be done.

Because this is the current state of our playroom:


I think it was originally intended to be a formal living room. But because my dog fart stains all of our pillows, and I don’t own anything “formal,” it has been the room that all the toys end up in. Except it’s annoying because it’s the first room you see when you enter into our home. It’s like, welcome to my home, never mind that colossal dump of a room to your left, and please avert your eyes to the sweaty children underneath the fort they manufactured out of couch cushions, 6 build-a-bear boxes, 2 trash cans, and one extra-large exercise ball.¬†

The playroom is actually kind of clean in that photo, and the state of disillusion that I live in where I believe that that room is some what clean, makes me sad.

So now I’m disillusioned, sad, and mentally unstable, all due to one small room in our house.

My husband thinks it’s fine, which is code for, “I don’t want to spend money on it.”

But money is a small price to pay in exchange for my healthy state of mind.

And thanks to Pinterest and Houzz, and 3 am feedings, I’ve come up with my solution.

Here’s my vision:


1. Jonathan Adler Couch¬†This one rocks my socks off. It’s a bit spendy and since it would belong in a room primarily governed by children with no propensity towards cleanliness, it will probably never see the inside of my house. But a girl can still dream, right? Plus I really don’t think I have any space for it.

2. Tectonic rug. I love color, and the current rug in our playroom resembles Grandma’s pea soup. And speaking of pee, there is a considerable amount of it embedded into the rug. Vomit too. Time for something new.

3. Retro ceiling light. I’m obsessed with ceiling lights, and how they can dramatically change the look of a room. This one is pretty amazing, plus it’s a reasonable price.

4. A place to color, or as the kids get older, do homework. When I was growing up I never had a designated place to do homework. I just ended up doing it on my bed, and after 15 minutes of that I’d usually fall asleep. I might not have finished my book report, but gee whiz, I was well rested.

5. And finally, the most important element of the playroom….Storage! Storage that hides things behind closed doors. So I don’t have to look at Legos and undressed Barbie dolls all day.

Here’s hoping that 2013 brings a new playroom, and my sanity back!



Love this post! My kids are 6, 9 and 14 and I’m still getting rid of baby toys!! The playroom headache never ends, it just evolves :)

by Jane Haag on January 3, 2013

ah, your playroom is my room clean. you are doing great! I would love to trash my girls toys while they are at school but they seem to have a really good memory of the broken AG glasses in the corner of the 8th level of hell in their closet. Then I feel guilty.

by gorillabuns on January 3, 2013

Actually, your playroom looks quite cute to me! (Bummer about the dog fart stains though.) And I think Pinterest was something designed to drive us a little mad so don’t feel bad! I’m hoping for a year of redesign in our home too. (Nothing like being a SAHM to make you constantly dwell about your dwelling.) Happy 2013 to you and your family! Keep posting, you are hilarious.

by Rachel on January 5, 2013

I’m impressed you even made a pin board. Its exhausts me just to think of doing that.

by Libby on January 7, 2013

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