#9. Learn something from a friend


October 5, 2010

I have this friend called Melinda:

She’s good with the drawling and painting:

So I was all, “You should teach me something.”

And she was all, “Oooh I know! We should draw your face! We can do self-portraits, It will be fun!”

And I was all, “My face? Okay, but only if I can make this face.” and then I snarled my nose and sucked in my cheeks and made my lips all wrinkly.

And she was all, “No thank you, Beckey.”

But then she agreed, because she’s cool like that.

She taught me how to draw with shadows and proportion.

Which is good because when I draw it’s usually just caterpillars and princess castles with sidewalk chalk. And I don’t do much shading with my princess castles.

Although it looks nothing like me, it’s not half-bad.

It turned out pretty great, and I really didn’t know what the hell I was doing.
So, way to go Melinda and your awesome art lesson!

And thanks for the fun day, and making me a sandwich.

I really liked the sandwich.


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