#6. Join a book club


October 7, 2010

What is a sure-fire way to make you feel like an adult?

Other than switching over to chap stick in lue of lip gloss and making sure your diet has enough fiber?

It’s joining a book club.

Sure, I had book clubs in when I was in my early 20s, except we didn’t call it book club per se. No, instead we called it Literature class, and when you didn’t read your book on time, you were forced to feel like the town idiot when you got called on to discuss.

“Beckey, how do you think D.H. Lawrence uses symbolism in his novel, “Sons and Lovers?”

“Um, well, that’s actually interesting you should ask that, Professor. I think that it’s fascinating how many times D.H. Lawrence uses symbolism, especially when, he, er…um…The part with the goat has symbolism, because the goat symbolizes death? NO! WAIT! The goat symbolizes the protagonist’s unhealthy fascination with other men’s pants. Or, wait, maybe that was something else…”

“There was no goat in “Sons and Lovers”, Beckey.”

“Yeah, but there was the essence of a goat. Which I think, was what truly made “Sons and Lovers” a great symbolic novel.”



“No. And your grade will reflect that you did not read this week’s assignment.”


So you can imagine my reluctance for joining a book club until now.

I technically didn’t finish one of the books. I felt that trickle of ass-sweat, and had that nostalgic feeling of being the town idiot all over again right before I sat down with my friend Sarah.

But she was all, I didn’t finish it either. Let’s have pie!!

And I was all, “Hi-Five!” and then I felt normal again.

Sometimes a sister just needs a hi-five and pie, ya know?

Here are the two books we read,

One was about our faith:

and one was about our food.

And Sarah never put me on the spot about symbolism or goats, so I think the whole book club thing is going to work out for me.


I love us, and books. We could call it the “Usks” club. Or maybe “Bous”. I like the way Bous sounds… 🙂

by sarah on October 7, 2010

I was in a book club once. We met every month for one year. Throughout that time, we read one book, discussed zero books, and drank approximately 48 bottles of wine. Man, I really miss book club.

by Yellaphant on October 7, 2010

I read Radical. Awesome book!

by Kristin on October 7, 2010

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