#5. Red Lipstick

I always though red lipstick made me look too old.

Or was it that I thought it made me look too fancy?

Or too trashy?

Well, whatever it was I  always shied away from it. But now that I’m old and fancy and a little trashy anyways, I thought, what the hell.

Even if I was just doing chores around the house.

Here’s the thing about red lipstick.

A. It makes a mess

B. You have to re-apply it all the time or else it looks lame.

and C. It makes you so much more aware of your lips. I kept pouting in front of the mirror, and then affirming myself by saying, “I am totally pulling this look off right now.”

P.S. Here are some pretty embarrassing outtakes of me taking pictures of myself with red lipstick:

Gosh, I’m a dork.

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