#18. Explore a new place


September 27, 2010

We explored Abbot Kinny Street in Venice Beach

I met up with my BFF, Dena.

Little did we know, there was a huge festival going on:

Since we’re not ones to shy away from huge, once a year, festivals, we embraced the chaos.

But we made extra sure that no one got too excited about it.

We stopped in this little gem of a coffee shop called Intelligentsia.

Things got pretty awesome in there.

They use syphons to brew their coffee, not only does it look amazing, but it tastes unreal.

Then we took a stroll through the neighborhoods, and realized that anyone who is anyone has a beautiful wood fence surrounding their picturesque home:

Kinda made me want to live there. But then I realized that we were only a block away from the weirdos

and I became content with my suburbia bubble once again.


I don’t want to rain on your parade or anything, because I’m lovin’ your parade… but you have 11 days to do 17 things. Holy smokes girl! How will you do it???

I am waiting with baited breath, dying to find out. ūüôā

(I still think “Join a book club” should be on the list. Then maybe my picture will make the blog. Then maybe I’ll be sort of famous-by-association, and I’m fine with that.)

by sarah on September 27, 2010

Everywhere in SoCal, they build fences to keep the fruits from picking the people.

by Mike Krause on September 28, 2010

[…] So¬†on Sunday afternoon we found ourselves confused, and instead of bumping into each other all day at home, we leisurely made a trip up to Venice. I’m not talking about the wacky and weird boardwalk of Venice Beach, I’m talking about the quiet and laid back Abbot Kinny Blvd. […]

by Venice is Cooler than you. | Hippo Brigade on February 22, 2012

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