#16. Play Bingo with Grams


September 30, 2010

My grandma has 3 loves, they are:


Shiny things

and bingo.

She also loves her great-grand babies (my children) and inappropriate racial slurs, but that’s neither here nor there.

My grandma is 85, and the realization that she’s not going to be around forever is palpable. So I have to squeeze some grammy-time in wherever I can find it. Since I’m allergic to cats, and I’m not all that enthralled by shiny things, Bingo is the perfect way to hang out with her.

Oh, and my mom tagged along too because it’s more fun when there are three generations of crazy,

plus she paid.

Bingo was at the Elk’s Lodge. And this guy was watching my every move. I called him Monty, and he made me nervous.

No, I didn’t win, and I’m blaming it on him.

Thanks a lot, Monty.


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