Magazine Obsession


July 31, 2013

I am magazine obsessed.

Open any cupboard in my house and you might find slim shiny magazines stacked underneath fitted sheets or stowed away behind glass vases. Yoga Journal, Fine Cooking, Dwell Magazine, are all dog-eared and reserved incase of accidental boredom, or a power outage, or the sudden urge to make a fire.

I even love sitting in doctors’ waiting rooms so I can thumb through a fresh W Magazine or a copy of Self. I love them all. I think it’s because of their laconic nature. Magazines aren’t lengthy books that mock me from my nightstand, instead they are easy, and they have pictures! It’s basically at a comfortable second-grade reading level, and that’s just where I like it. And I always have time to leaf through a magazine. Sitting at the table with a bowl of raspberries and a cup of coffee just feels more relaxing while reading about tips on how to achieve the perfect rustic cherry tart or hidden camping getaways.

Two of my favorite magazines get delivered to my door each month, Sunset and Martha Stewart Living. I get so thrilled when they come, that I stop what I am doing, and slowly turn the pages, taking in all the beautiful pictures and delicious recipes.



But beyond the glossy comfort of a mass produced magazine, lives a captivating new subset of magazines that are heartier, more beautiful, and advertisement free.

Here are my very most favorites:

Kinfolk is stunning with its clean style and thoughtful articles. It’s smart, well written and makes me feel like I can throw together a dinner party using only the ingredients from my backyard.


Lucky Peach is a food magazine that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The copy I have is about what to eat in case of apocalypse.  Each issue is centered around a single subject and its thick matte pages are loaded with bold and in your face photography, coupled with satirical and smart prose.


Apartamento is an interiors magazine. The Barcelona based bi-annual comes into homes of creative types and takes photos and talks to them about their living spaces. It feels comfortable because it’s not about high priced sofas and artwork set up in a cold studio, instead  it’s about real people living in real homes.


Wilder Quarterly is all about things that grow: gardening, flowers, nature, wearing long flowing hemp skirts and twirling on top of a grassy meadows. Flowers and floral prints cover this magazine’s heavy pages, as do recipes, guides for growing veggies, and a general love for being outdoors.


Those are some of my favorite magazines, what are yours?


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Cookies Make the World Go ‘Round


July 24, 2013

Because of my last few blog posts, I keep getting some worried questions from friends and relatives. Are you okay? You seem a little stressed? I have some Xanax in my purse. Thank you truly for your concern, and extra thanks for your drugs, but I think this is the normal progression of my life stage. It’s hard, and I’m in the weeds. Things are a little dirty, a little frayed at the ends, and please don’t’ pull that loose thread or else the whole thing will come undone, but dammit, we’re all alive, and that’s something worth celebrating. SNO-CONES ALL AROUND! Actually no, that’s gross, I hate sno-cones, all that fake food coloring…and syrupy sugar– barf. I’ll take a cookie. Cookies are my happiness. And because they make me so happy, I thought I’d share them with you.

This is a Martha Stewart recipe.

I think premium ingredients make them taste the best. Don’t buy junky stuff. Buy organic if it’s available.  If you’re going to eat it, it better taste good, that’s what I think.

Speaking of ingredients, I buy my chocolate chips from Costco and they are from responsibly sourced cacao. So I already feel like a winner when I eat these cookies. Hi-five to myself.

2 and 1/4 cups of all-poupose flour

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

2 sticks of unsalted room temperature butter

1/2 cup of granulated sugar

1 cup of packed light brown sugar

1 teaspoon of coarse salt (and then some more, because salt tastes good)

2 teaspoons of pure vanilla extract

2 large room temperature eggs

2 cups of chocolate chips

1 or so cups of walnuts

Hippo Brigade chocolate chip cookies ingredients

Pre-heat your oven to 350.

First I like to start my mixer going with the butter and sugars for a looong time. See how many O’s I used? That means like 5 minutes. I like them fluffy. While those ingredients are getting to know each other, get your flour and baking soda and salt combined. The kids like to help me out with this part. I give them a big bow and a whisk and they try not to cover my entire counter with flour.

Crack your eggs and add them to the party. I like to do this in a small dish, to make sure no yucky shell pieces get in those delicious cookies. Because my 3-year-old thinks he’s Mario Batali, he does a mean one-handed egg crack, which means most of the time I’m fetching egg shards out of the bowl.

Mix on, mixer.

Things should be getting nice and fluffy. Fluf-fay.

Add in the vanilla. I throw caution to the wind, and just pour. Who needs fancy measuring spoons?

Wait. I do. I love them. I’m convinced they help me bake better.

Hippo Brigade chocolate chip cookie batter

Turn the mixer down and slowly add in the flour, baking soda, and salt. Don’t over beat. Then throw in those chocolate chips and walnuts. I like to turn the mixer on for a few revolutions to get everything incorporated.

Then I stick my finger in the bowl and have a taste. You have to make sure it tastes good.

Hippo Brigade chocolate chip cookies

Drop them onto parchment lined baking sheets

Bake them for 10-12 minutes alternating the baking sheets half way through, let cool and then EAT THEM!

Hippo Brigade's chocolate chip cookies


I am so making sure Billy reads this blog! He is the baker in my house and makes the BEST chocolate chip cookies EVER! He has combined different recipes to create his own! He is all about vanillas from different countries! You should totally drop some off at my house on your walk! Ha!! 🙂

by Debbi on July 24, 2013

I want these NOW. Gimme. I also want to lay out all my ingredients so pretty-like too.

by melinda on July 27, 2013

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OC Register Family and Instagram

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July 12, 2013

OC Register Family chose one of my Instagram photos to be featured on the back page of their magazine this month!


And here are some words I wrote about the photo:

Most of our weekends are sloppy amalgamations of birthday parties and obligations.

We bustle all week to find respite on those two special days, but plans get made,

and respite gets overlooked. This photo was taken on a rare day where we had no plans.

Our morning was warm and lazy, and the afternoon slowly appeared.

“Let’s go outside!” We laced up our shoes, and waked out our front door.

Our home sits in a perfectly manicured master planned community, but slightly beyond the permitter, there is space.

Houses disappear behind emerald green hills, and tall rag weed grows unattended.

The sounds of SUVs and school children gets muffled by the wind in the trees and our own thoughts.

We found our much needed respite. It was outside waiting for us all along.


So cool!

I was honored.


To see the actual page in the magazine go here.

To follow me on Instagram go here.

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Great shot! Life is too busy most of the time, I love those rare lazy days.

by mariah on July 25, 2013

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