Sunset Talk


September 28, 2011

I’m going to have to start saying things like, avast matey or over the starboard bow me hearties, or ye be a saucy wench because I’m going to be on a cruise for the next few days. And when you’re on a boat you have to talk like a pirate right? Well maybe that’s not exactly how it works, but honestly I don’t know because I’ve never been on a big o’ boat before. I had drinks at the Queen Mary once, and I’ve seen the Titanic movie, and that’s about all the exposure I’ve had to ships.

I have all these ideas of what it’s going to be like, the romance of the sea, the crisp wind on my cheeks, and the new land to be explored. But I’m nervous too, for starters, I’m “motion sensitive.” I duck out of amusement park rides that go round and round, I get car sick if I’m shoved in the back seat, and the last time I was on a sail boat my face literally turned green. Plus, I’m fearful of the cabin situation. I’m imagining this cabin to be the size of my shoe closet. Am I going to have bruises all over my legs from navigating the tiny room? I bruise easily, ya know. I have this sneaking suspicion that my cabin will have a bathroom that looks just like the airplane lavatory complete with flickering florescent lights, wonky water pressure, and an odd-shaped toilet that produces green liquid when you flush. I already have a hard enough time doing my twosies on vakay, and I’m sure this trip will be no exception.

On our honeymoon Pat and I went to Paris where we spent 9 glorious days exploring the City of Lights and having room service cheese plates delivered to our hotel room at 3:30 in the morning. Maybe it was all that cheese or my refusal to adjust to French time, but whatever it was, I was massively constipated. Every morning I’d give my new husband a run down of my BM progress, or lack thereof. I figured he needs to know this information as soon as possible because he has just pledged to spend the next 75 years with me, and the veil has been removed. It’s imperative that he know that I talk about poop with as much flippancy as most would talk about the weather.

I spent the whole trip plugged up. Which I didn’t understand, because so much was going in my belly: steak frites, crêpes, beer, wine, second-hand smoke, pate, foie gras, escargot, canard, poisson, and enough chocolate and macrons to induce a diabetic coma. I needed the whole French cuisine experience, no stone unturned for me. But apparently my colon had other plans.

It wasn’t until I was home that I finally was able to relieve myself, a mere 10 days later.

I’m fearful that this cruise will create the same situation for my intestines. And apparently cruise food is massively abundant.

So for starters, I’m loading up on the bran muffins at the buffet breakfast each morning. I’m also bringing a list of topics to avoid when talking to my mom.

OH! I forgot to mention, I’m going with my mom, plus my brother, his girlfriend, a few cousins and an aunt and uncle. I am not going with my husband and kids. I’m leaving them at home, there’s really no need to introduce my children to the crazy that runs so ramped in my family during such a tender age.

As for my mother, I have decided that it’s best to only speak when spoken to and try to gingerly change the subject when any of these topics may come up: travel, fanny packs, stranger-danger, general health, cab rides, hair color, body mass index, whether or not I need to wear jacket, and food. I’ll stick with neutral topics like my kids, and how beautiful the sunset looks.

She’s already propelled herself into nervous frenzy when she thinks about me traveling by myself to get to the hotel the night before we leave on the cruise ship. I have to take a 5 hour plane flight, then a taxi in a very busy city to get to our room. I’ve heard the following statements from her regarding this:

Wear a fanny pack, it’s best to keep your valuables on you when you travel. And then pull your shirt over it. Nobody will pull up your shirt to get to your money. I promise. But if you carry it in a purse, you might as well be waiving a red flag that says, “I have stuff in here that I want you to steal!”

Don’t talk to strangers, even if they say they have a taxi cab and are willing to give you a ride. They are con-artists and they only ride they’ll give you is a DEATH RIDE!

And recently she’s enjoyed bringing up these topics:

Have you gotten that hernia looked at? If you don’t do it soon you’re going to need an intestinal transplant, and don’t come running to me, I’m not donating any of mine to you,  I’ll just tell you I told you so!

You’re getting too skinny! What’s wrong with you, EAT something! Oh that’s right, I forgot, you don’t like the taste of food anymore. I’d be skinny too if the only thing I ate was bowls full of lettuce.

It’s 69 degrees outside and all you’re going to wear is jeans and a tee-shirt? You know you’re going to freeze! Don’t come running to me when you do, I’m not giving you my extra jacket!

So I think my trip will be great as long as I stick with bran muffins and sunset talk.


I, too, received the cautionary tale of strangers and taxi ride offers. Also, a text message a few days ago informing me that she’ll check out our hotel room when she arrives. To check for zombies, I assume. I love her.

by amanda on September 28, 2011

I went on a cruise with my Mom, Aunt, sister and cousin-in-law about five years ago. I think I finally recovered. My Mom is a horrible flyer. The worst. Gasping, clenching the seats, saying things like, “We’re gonna die!” really loud, whimpers and whines.

I will never fly anywhere with her again. I’m surprised that my Dad does. Then again, at least he can turn his hearing aid off so he doesn’t have to listen to her antics.

If there is ever a next time, it’s a xanax vodka cocktail, for me and for her.

by Kelly on September 28, 2011

OMG you make me laugh out loud! Good luck with the pooping. I went on a cruise a few years ago with my husband, mom, dad, brothers, aunt, uncle, cousin, cousin, other cousin, and other cousin’s husband and kids. It must be something about traveling with your parents when you’re married and/or out of the house, but my mom seriously almost gave me an ulcer with all of her worrying. I think I could have handled a flight OR a cruise, but both was suicide.

by Lindsay on September 28, 2011

I am the SAME way on vacations…it does not have to be out of the country though, all I have to do is head to Colorado and I am stopped up for days. Good luck with that! I went on a cruise about 2 years ago with 16 of my family members and am happy to report that I have WAY more “good” memories than “sweet Lord, my family is bat-sh*t crazy” ones. Good luck and have fun!!!

by Julie on September 28, 2011

I just found you from Curly Girl and I’m cackling like a hyena at my computer reading about your pooping tales of woe! I, too, talk about poo like the one would the weather. Only I’m the opposite of constipation…. Shall I tell you about the time I had a D.I.P. (diarrhea in public) on someone’s front porch in Thailand? To be fair, it was dark and it just looked like a stoop.

Oh, and my family puts the “fun” in dysfunctional as well. 😉

by Kristin on October 7, 2011

Miss you baby cousin. Love that we get to share the same crazy family. We survived without catching an STD, riding in a gypsy taxi, or missing the ship like your mom feared. Like it, just like it!

by Jil on October 8, 2011

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Car Show


September 24, 2011

We went to the car show this weekend. We go every year, and I love it._DSC2222


This year we ended up at the Orange County Auto Show where I rubbed elbows with a mass of overweight men wearing jorts (jean shorts) and tank tops. And there was a time when a man’s hairy shoulder came in very close proximity to my cheek.

I was exiting a Subaru and he was eager to be the next to sit down, a little too eager, and before I could completely remove myself from the car, he grabbed at the steering wheel and started to lower himself in. A mere two centimeters from my face were his abhorrent shoulder hairs. Each standing defiantly, and proudly, as if being perched up high on this man’s body gave his shoulder hairs bragging rights over all his other body hairs. I was arrested by awe. I watched as they danced lightly when the air conditioning blew gently on them. His gaping neon green tank top showed that he not only had hair on his shoulders, but also on every part of his torso. Being that close, I saw every wiry hair was lightly covered in a dewy sweat that smelled a tiny bit like corn dogs, Jet Ski fumes, and Miller Genuine Draft. My face turned sour; I squinted my eyes and drew my lips into a tight pucker. I wouldn’t want one of those fluttering hairs in my mouth, now would I?

Soon it was all over when I shimmied myself out of the car unscathed. I dusted myself off and turned back to see if that man had any idea that he left me with deep emotional scars. He didn’t, he just pushed buttons and pretended to run over the people in front of the Subaru.

So I had no other choice but to forage onward. I had a job to do and my job was to find myself a new family car. The Passat is getting too cramped. And I want a car with a third-row.Well, it’s actually fine on space, I hate to complain about the size of my car, it sounds so prissy. Did you know that in some parts of the world there are people that don’t even have an SUV?! Shocking. How do they get their children to soccer practice and piano lessons? For all of my adolescence my mom drove my brother and me around in zippy two-door cars, and aside from my 16 year bout of car sickness, I turned out just fine. So I’m very adamant when I say I “want” a car with three-rows, I don’t need it, I just want it.

After months of making pie charts, looking at bar graphs and several power point presentations, I’ve narrowed my search down to 5 cars. I came to these conclusions based on a few criterion.

One: Can I use a hose to clean the inside of it?

Two: Does it have a back-up camera?

Three: Does my next door neighbor own it?

and Four: Will the third row collapse easily to accommodate for a impromptu quickie?

Apparently you can’t use a hose to clean the inside of your car, after I recovered from that realization, I narrowed it down to these 5 cars:

Ford Flex


Pro of the Ford Flex is the technology. I consider myself somewhat tech-savvy and my iPhone is an integral part of my life. So the fact that my phone can sync up with the Ford as soon as I enter the car is pretty dang cool. Especially since I’ve been living under a rock with car technology for the past 6 years with my Volkswagen. As far as the technology is concerned, my VW is on par with a 1989 Pontiac Firebird.

The Con is that everyone in the whole wide County of Orange owns one of these.


Chevy Tahoe Hybrid


Pro of the Chevy Tahoe is its size and how awesome and mean it looks. Grrrr! It’s spacious, and we’re big fans of road trips, so we’d be nice and cozy in one of these. Plus it’s a hybrid, which is nice because I hate getting gas. Gas getting and going to the bank are two chores that I simply refuse to do.


Con is the size. It might be a little too big for my needs.


Range Rover LR4


Pro of the LR4 is how pretty it is. I’d like to sing a song to it everyday, lovingly clean out the front grill, and do oil paintings of it to hang above my bed.


Con is it’s a bit too fancy and if my kids barfed in it or my dog released her anal sac fluid on the seats I might launch myself into a fit of rage.


GMC Acadia


Pro of the GMC Acadia is that it’s as cute as a button, but in a very grown-up-I-pay-taxes-and-have-a-life-insurance-policy-kind-of-way. It’s like the Tahoe but less obtrusive. It’s snappy and fun to drive (The nice GM people let me drive one for a day while I was at BlogHer a few months ago and I loved it). It’s a smooth, quiet ride and incredibly classy.


Con is OnStar. I would probably never use it. And I’d hate to buy a car but never use a major component of it. I like the idea of OnStar,  and I think there is definitely a use for it, but I’m not the kind of gal that would ever use it, I’ll just stick with my smart phone.

Audi Q7


Pro of the Audi Q7 it’s German. We have a crush on German cars over here, and it’s a full fledged luxury car. I’m used to turning the big crank analogue style to lower my passenger seat into a recline position when Pat drives and I want to take a road-nap, but this thing is all fancy all the time. No big crank here, it’s all buttons, toggles, and lacquered wood paneling.

Con It would cost a butt-load to fix when it needs maintenance. I’m not down with that.

We’re not going to buy a new car for a few months. So I guess you’ll have to wait and see what we choose. I’m so excited, I can’t wait for that new car smell!



Loved reading this! I will be looking for a new SUV soon myself! I LOVE the Q7 but would never BUY an Audi again after owning the A3 and paying a CRAP load to fix major things and it was only 3 years old…no thanks! But man is it beautiful! Not sure I would even want my kids in it because it’s so pretty! I also don’t think I could bring myself to buy a Ford Flex just because of their ridiculous Mom commercials! “hahaha, we’re the cool mom’s at school.” Worst commercial ever but apparently it worked since everyone in Orange County has one.
I will have to check out the Acadia. That’s the one my brother wants too. It looks cute! The new Ford Explorer (aka Ford Exploder) looks cute too, but are they reliable? I am all about reliability!
Good luck deciding! Can’t wait to see what you get!

by Debbi on September 24, 2011

You need to get the LR4! It’s hip, you’re hip, it’s a perfect match.

by Margie on September 27, 2011

The Acadia is fantastic, I’ve had it for 2 years and I love it. I don’t really use onStar. You don’t have to use it if you don’t want to, it’s a paid extra.

by Lisa Hightower on September 28, 2011

I have a tahoe and you’re right it is huge. But bigger is better, especially in the OC, right??

by Claire on September 28, 2011

The Audi Q7 is amazing! It is completely safe and reliable. Great in rain and snow. You’ll never feel fear again when it comes to driving and you’ll want to go to the bank in the Q7! Worth every penny!

by Rebecca on October 7, 2011

Fellow OC girl here and I had the SAME dilemma! I wasn’t down for a minivan but loved the versatility of them.

Let me just say, we ended up with the Flex and I’m so happy with our choice. Trust me, there are more Land Rovers (look at the reviews on maintenance) and Tahoes in OC than Flexes, you just notice the Flex more now because you like it and it’s stylish, admit it! The Flex looks cooler than all the other domestic cars and you don’t look like a douche bag. You can get a fridge in the second row (holla!) and the touch-fold seats in the rear can adjust to a bunch of different positions. Check out my post about the Flex…

by Karla on October 16, 2011

[…] finally got a new car. It’s big and mommish. And I love […]

by Some photos to pass the time | Hippo Brigade on February 2, 2012

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My Weekend in iPhone Photos

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September 19, 2011


 We headed out to L.A. for yummy food at Malo and music courtesy of We Barbarians.




I’m a sucker for a photo booth.


Next we had a full day of everything Disney.

Crap, we go there a lot.

First we took our kids to build a custom car.

It’s like Build-A-Bear but for cars.



Then we headed off to Disneyland,


had fun with friends,


and fell asleep.



AND when I woke up this morning, I found a note from my husband who left for work early:



I’m going to see Bon Iver tonight!

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How adorable is your husband!?!

by Julie on September 19, 2011

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Separation Anxiety


September 16, 2011

You know some days when you look through old baby photos? The ones in the hall that you pass a hundred times? But then you stop, and actually look at them, and you think, Gosh, what the heck happened? You used to be a tiny baby, all squishy and puffy, but now you’re huge, and I can talk to you about the proper way to wipe your own ass, and you tell jokes about stinky trees, and you go to school with friends who adore you.

No lie, I drop Berlyn off at school and the second she appears on the play ground 5 of her girlfriends stop everything they are doing and flock to her, circle around her, and hug her, all while chanting “BERLYN!! BERLYN!!” It’s weird. Weird because she’s the only one they do that to. And I’m pretty sure, if they were in prison, Berlyn would be the one that gave everyone cigarettes and nudie magazines. I just have to figure out what she’s doing to make everyone go crazy for her. When I leave does she pull princess gummy snacks out of her pockets, throw them in the air, and proclaim, “Let it rain!!” Perhaps it’s just that she’s just really cool. I mean, I think she’s the coolest 4-year-old I know. And it warms my heart when others think that way too. With or without the fruit snacks.

You know what part I can’t get over is how secure and comfortable I feel about dropping her off. I used to cling to her when she first started going to school. And then I used to pace around outside the door waiting until the clock struck 12:30 so I could dive in her room and pick her up. My uneasiness started when she was 9 months old. That was the first time I ever dropped her off at the church nursery. I don’t think I sat still that entire church service. And the second the lights dimmed and the worship started, I snuck back into the nursery and grabbed her, kissed her a thousand times, and wiped her down with soap and water.

I’m the same way with Hudson. I can’t stand the thought of leaving him. I’m the one with the attachment issues, not him. Sure, he’ll put up a small fight right when I first drop him off at the church nursery, but soon after he settles in, he plays with cars, he eats fistfuls of Cheerios,  he takes a dump, and the he stares at the other kids. He’s fine. And then a hour later, POOF, I’m back.

But lately, I just can’t seem to do it. I look at that depressing room with overturned chairs and the kids with sticky, snotty fingers, and I think, “No thank you.”



Berlyn can go, and enjoy all the excitement of coloring in a picture of Jesus and making a bracelet out of yarn, but I’ll hang on to Hudson. He’s just too tiny and too sweet to drop off.


I don’t know what it is. Maybe I have issues. Perhaps I need therapy. It might be the germs. Germs scare me. They’re starting to scare me less than before, but I still can’t help it, when I see a child with boogers in his eyebrows, I get squimish.


And I feel uncozy when I don’t know the people who I’m dropping him off with. It’s always different, and one day it was a 12-year-old boy. Nothing against 12-year-old boys, but they’re not the most nurturing when it comes to crying babies.


So I’ll continue to go to church, but I’m bringing my Hudson with me. I figure when he’s 4 I’ll drop him off. But for now I’ll hang on to him.


I’ll blame it on the germs or the inadequate child care, but really it’s because I’m the one with the separation anxiety.




I have anxiety about leaving Mea at the church daycare for the same reason, and she is 5. I don’t know those people. She’d probably love it. I just don’t like leaving my kids with strangers.

Mea also gets the cheers for her when she shows up at school or daycare. You would totally think she was a celebrity the way the kids shout, “Mea Mea, Mea Mea!” Always doubles of her name. I think she secretly passes out candy or gum or something the way they all scream her name.

by Kelly on September 16, 2011

I don’t blame you for keeping Hudson…especially last Sunday! I am one of the strangers people leave their kids with at church and although I think I take care of little nuggets pretty well, I think I will end up being the same way when I have kids. Because of the germs. Parents drop off kids when they are sick and healthy…last weekend was snot city and I was the mayor on clean up duty. It is a wonder I don’t get sick every other week.

by Julie on September 16, 2011

“Let it rain!” Oh god that whole scenario had me cracking up.
I don’t have any children but my vote is you hold on to your little Hudson for as long as you can. He’ll be big soon enough.

by Vapid Vixen on September 17, 2011

This just reminded me of a sign I saw on the web a while back… “Wash your hands and say your prayers, ’cause Jesus & Germs are everywhere”…

by Kamma on September 19, 2011

I feel that! Even at 18, when my boy has had numerous global reaching field trips and has flown across continents alone, I literally almost lost it completely when we had to let him go and drive off when he started University a few weeks ago. I had to leave him there and get on a plane and fly a continent away. And I knew this was it. The next time I see him, it will only be for a visit. Never again will he be my little boy, living with me, under my care. Wow! I promise you I felt the same way you do about that upturned room. IT DOESN’T GET EASIER.

I posted about the trauma of it all over on Holli’s Ramblings…please come visit and we can commiserate. 🙂

by Holli on September 23, 2011

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Ziggy-Zaggy for Missoni


September 13, 2011

I went.

I witnessed.

I bought.

I actually had a dream about it the night before. I dreamt that I was going store to store trying to scoop as much Missoni as I possibly could, and my dream was a reality when I got to Target this morning. Missoni for Target debuted today and the store opened at 8:00, and since I had to drop Berlyn off at school first, Hudson and I arrived a little before 9:00.


One hour people!

Already the racks were bare, the shelves picked over, and there were gems hidden in strange places. Like in the maternity section, I found a pair of flats in my size. They were on the ground under a rack of stretchy pants. What I was doing in the maternity-stretchy pants section of Target, I do not know, but I’m glad I was there. There were a group of Italian women with entire carts full of anything Missoni. I was jittery and a little sweaty as I grabbed as much as I could. I felt like I was on that game show “Super-Market Sweep” where women repeatedly toss 20 pound turkeys into their carts. I was tossing things in, and elbowing other moms out of my way.

And thank you Grandma June for my fast burning metabolism, because I could fit in the little girls’ clothes where I scored a dress and two sweaters.

I really wanted some pillows and houseware things, but those were long gone.

But here’s all the good stuff I did get:



A total of three sweaters and a scarf.

And then SHOES!!

Here’s the thing. About two years ago I bought a pair of Missoni flats. They probably cost me one million dollars. Wait, that’s not true, but they were expensive.


And today, I bought a pair of Missoni flats for $29.99.



Plus I got a suede chunky heel, and a mini-version of the flats for Berlyn.


I don’t think Berlyn really cares about adorable Missoni flats, so I might  just sell them on eBay. Last I checked flats were being auchioned for 129.00!!


Love the chunky heels!

by Julie on September 13, 2011

No one in Iowa knows about any of this. I saw full racks of all of this, at my Target, over my lunch hour.

As Mea would say, “For seriously.”

by Kelly on September 13, 2011

Love love love the flats!

by Debbi on September 13, 2011

love love love the chunky heels!!!

by allie on September 13, 2011

I am ubber jealous!!! YOU SCORED!!!

by Willie on September 13, 2011

I heard about this on NPR today. I had no idea who they were talking about. I’m such a square. *sigh*

by Vapid Vixen on September 13, 2011

SO jealous you found the flats in your size!! It was INSANITY. 🙂

by HipMamaB on September 13, 2011

The heels…chunky, suede, Missoni…AND you actually live in the same country as Target.

I’m really happy for you.

But I’m going to need more scones with cream and jam.

by Erin Huckaby on September 14, 2011

I work at a Target in Massachusetts and it was insane. There was a line outside when we opened, and 90% of it was gone in a half hour. I was carrying some to put back that I found scattered around and people ambushed me and rid me of the items before I had gone 20 feet. Today we got a couple pieces of the luggage on a truck and they were gone within ten minutes of me setting it up. Missoni madnesssss.

by Shauna on September 14, 2011

I thought about taking the day off work, but I just couldn’t. I’m hoping some of the new purchases will show up on ebay. That’s what happened when Amy Coe unleashed her baby insanity all over Target!


I’m jealous!

by Lora on September 16, 2011

I was shocked at how people reacted to this line. I went to Target today and there was a lone min caplet in the kids department. It looked so lonley.

by Libby on September 16, 2011

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My Weekend in iPhone Photos


September 12, 2011


We celebrated a birthday.


Berlyn perfected her white-man’s-overbite-dance moves.


Hudson perfected his basketball skills.


I'm pretty much in love with these photos, because I didn't enhance the color at all. Sun flair is my favorite.

And I spent some time with my brother and his girlfriend, who looks like she is questioning if I cheated.

The answer is yes.

The answer is always yes.


Pat grilled things. Mmm, flamey.


And the kids were trying to look all nonchalant about standing next to Lightening McQueen and Tow Mater at Disneyland, but secretly, they were crapping in their pants.

. IMG_2848   IMG_2845

To say they’re both equally obsessed with Cars is an understatement, and now they both want to be cars for Halloween


How do I make a Halloween costume look like a car??

I don’t think I have enough cardboard boxes and papier-mâché for that.

How about ghosts?

That’s fun, right.

Here’s a sheet, go get Mama some candy.



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September 8, 2011

It’s hot.

Everyone has been complaining about the heat, and everyone keeps sweating on me. So I’ve done the most logical thing I can think of.

I locked myself and the children indoors. ALL DAY.

We sat in front of the air vents and let the cool air blow all over our sweaty faces.

Aaahhh. Air conditioning.

When you have air conditioning do you really need deodorant? Nope.

You don’t really need a shower either, that is if you don’t go outside.

And you can go ahead and omit that bra too. I mean, if you’re not going anywhere, right?

Unless one of those kids who is selling chocolate for his little league team knocks at your door. Then you should put that bra back on, you don’t want to traumatize the neighbor kid. But honestly, selling chocolate in this weather? Crazy. So you buy two melted King Sized Kit-Kats, shut the door, then take your bra back off.

Oozy chocolate. Yum.

So what did we do all day if we didn’t go outside?



First I sedated them with the alluring powers of the T.V.


Then I got sleepy, because all that air conditioning made me real tired, so I decided to take a nap.


Finally my kids started pawing at the doors and windows.

As it turns out it doesn’t behoove anyone to keep your frisky children indoors all day. They go a bit crazy. So I cracked the door and they ran off like a stampeed of wild-something-or-others.


 At least I tried.


Oh, my. Berlyn looked really pissed in that picture…Good thing you let her out.

by Kelly on September 8, 2011

I lOVE this

by Willie on September 8, 2011

Love your blog! Brightens my day and always brings an ironic smile to my face!!

by Jane Haag on September 9, 2011

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My Weekend in iPhone Photos


September 6, 2011

We took our kids to a bar.


It was actually the perfect place to take kids. It was loud. There were televisions in every corner, and no pesky kid’s menu to acquiesce to. I’d be fine if my kids never ate another chicken nugget or an order of macaroni and cheese ever again. My kids may not be so fine with it, but I would be.

Then we went to the beach with friends, because a Labor Day weekend just isn’t a Labor Day weekend without a healthy dose of sand in your croch, am I right?

These two seem to think so.



And Berlyn dressed her brother up as a princess. This is what happened when I turned my back for 20 minutes. Alright fine, I was probably looking through all your photos on Facebook.


Doesn’t he look pretty?

Then we went to the beach again.


But this time it was to celebrate Mr. Mattson’s birthday.


We went to Katsuya where the sushi was outstanding and our server looked like Tom Cruise.


Seriously, it was uncanny. This picture was taken right before he started jumping on a couch. IMG_2712


Then Monday was rainy and dreary, so we lounged around all day.


How was your Labor Day weekend?


I love that the first sentence of this post is “We took our kids to a bar”. True, and hilarious simultaneously.

by Patrick on September 6, 2011

Mmmmm…Crow Bar…Duck Fat Fries!

by Julie on September 6, 2011

Your hair looks amazing in that picture with Pat. Holy geeze!

by Amanda on September 6, 2011

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