Hippo Hiatus


May 31, 2011

I’m contemplating a Hippo Hiatus.

But I keep dithering back and fourth between calling it a Hippo Hiatus or Hippo Hibernation.

I mean, really you can go so many different ways with it.

But I don’t think hippos hibernate. Or do they?

This is the part where I’ll let you open a new tab, and google “hippo hibernation.” You can get back to me. Frankly, I don’t care either way. Well, I guess I kinda care, because if they do hibernate where would they do it? Clearly they can’t hibernate in the water, they’d drown! Then there’d be a mass hippo extinction every winter. But wait…it would only take one winter to wipe out the whole hippo populous.

My argument has holes, this is why I’m not an arguer. I’ll stick with other things, like I’m really good at putting pony tails in my daughter’s hair and getting things out of the cracks of carseats because I have short tiny hands. I basically have baby hands; like if baby’s hands were incredibly nimble. It’s my special skill. It helps me to play Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. really really well. I just defeated Bowser and saved the princess. Take THAT baby!

And that is what I wanted to talk to you about, I’m leaving my blog to play Super Mario Bros. professionally.

Only kidding.

I’m leaving my blog to become a hand model. For a baby.

Only kidding.

I’m leaving my blog “temporarily” because I’m sick of it. It’s like when you hang out with your best friend for longer than 10 days in a row, and your periods sync up and you become all hormonal with each other and you start picking fights with her over things that happened 6 years ago, and you’re like, So why didn’t you invite me on your trip to Switzerland? Did you think I wouldn’t enjoy sipping hot chocolate and looking at a bunch beautiful blond people?? And then you finally realize enough is enough and you need some space.

Well my blog is my best friend.

And we need some space.


Don’t try to stop me, I’ve already made up my mind.

Don’t try to beguile me with your flattering comments and your witty repartee…

Here I go—

I’m leaving.

(shuts lap top, walks to kitchen, pours another cup of coffee)

(…and then cries uncontrollably)

Alright FINE, I’m gonna miss you!!

But I’ll be back. I promise.

Maybe with a new shiny site design that has fireworks that go off when you click on my face.

Awesome, right?





Good for you! Enjoy your time off 🙂

by Julie Snell on May 31, 2011

NOOOOO! Wait! I’ve only JUST found you! You witty sense of humor has me rolling and I…..WANT….MORE!

But I will wait. Patiently. And read through your whole archive while you’re gone. Enjoy. But come back to us.

by Candace on May 31, 2011

Have to be honest, I am bummed to hear about this hiatus. But do whatcha gotta do 🙂

by Brooke on May 31, 2011

But I just got back to the internet!!! I’m going to egg your house and cover it in toilet paper. And not the good thick quilted stuff or the stuff that some pervy old man tells me to stop squeezing. Or maybe that is the same stuff. And really, he is not the boss of me! Whatever, my point is that I’m going to use the crappy stuff (pun not intended). It’s way harder to clean up. I’m going to do it every 5th Tuesday, every 3rd Friday and possibly every 8th Sunday. These numbers are based on system that only exists in my head so don’t try to figure me out. But I guess after the first couple times you’ll probably figure me out. Unless I’m wearing a disguise.

by Billy (from around the way) on June 1, 2011

I’m giving you a month. Then I’m coming after you.

by Libby on June 1, 2011

Ah, jeez kid, you too? Have you looked at my blogroll lately? It’s filled with bloggers on hippo hiatus I am nothing if not patient. I can be a little bitter, though. They take the hippo at our zoo and hide him/her each winter. They won’t tell us where he/she is. It’s some big secret. Maybe it’s locked inside a room tapping away on a keyboard. Maybe that hippo is a really funny blogger. Enjoy unblogging.

by MomZombie on June 2, 2011

Your my morning laugh out loud session before my little one wakes. Do I have a right to be bummed? … no not really, I’m really not. Well, actually I kind of am. See I right a blog all about Boys and often your my inspiration of just letting it all hang out there. Filling each line with the details that others may think are gross … but those gross details that fill each line, make the story. Right? Well, from one mom to another, I hope your hiatus will restful. Really there is nothing better that finding stale crackers inside car seats … well there is … and you’ll be doing it. Being the best mom and wife that you can be with your beautiful family. Much appreciation for a wonderful writer and mom.

by Candace on June 4, 2011

See I am so bummed that I can’t even spell. I told you I was bummed. It’s already effecting my grammatical writing abilities… or lack there of?

by Candace on June 4, 2011

Pretty please come back! I seriously laughed out loud…the ONLY time I’ve ever laughed out loud at any blog…(with emphasis…the only time). So yes, add a layer of guilt and frosting, and that’s about it.

by Elizabeth on July 4, 2011

I finally find a moment to check out your blog Becky & you’re on hiatus or hibernating??? That’s okay though because I too am on a break. You see, the preschool is my “best friend” & this summer it’s my boys. We aren’t even sick of each other yet… but wait til August 30th, then we’ll talk. I hope you’re enjoying your family & getting TONS of inspiration for the big return. Big hugs to Berlyn.

by Sara Hooper on July 28, 2011

Do you realize “boucherie” in the deep South refers to a communal pig roast?

by Angele on August 10, 2011

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May 16, 2011

I’m pretty sure I have a hernia.

Because it makes sense.

Because I have nothing else going on in my life currently.

Nothing on the calendar.

Wide open.

Why, I would LOVE to stop everything and have surgery!

(She says sarcasmically)

Wait, sarcasmically isn’t a word. But it should be, I think it would make a lovely word. Let’s enter it into the dictionary. How do you do that? Do you just mail them a letter?

sar·cas’mi·cal-ly adv. word mash of sarcastically and cosmically. Suggests a sharp taunting and often cynical tone, also denoting a cosmic reference, because galaxies and cosmos are cool. Cool like lasers and dinosaurs are cool. Like if dinosaurs had lasers beams and shot each other. Um, hello, I just solved dinosaur extinction. You’re welcome very much.

How about you mail that sucker in to Webster and Merriam, because that’s practically a gold mine, and I’ll stay here and continue to freak out about my possible hernia? Mmm-kay?

I’m so good at delegating.

So, I think I have a hernia because this knot of skin sticks out of my belly button area. And it didn’t used to do that.

Plus I can squish it back in, and when I do it makes this smashiebubbly noise. Like if you had a ziploc bag filled with chocolate buttercream frosting and you mashed it all around in your hands.

Ooooh chocolate frosting…

But I’ve had it for about a year, and haven’t done anything about it. Even though every time I mention it to someone, they’re like, “GO TO THE DOCTOR!”

I told my friend Dena about it and she practically called the doctor for me, and then offered to drive me, and she even told me that if I went she’d bake me a cake with chocolate frosting…

But I’m in denial.

It doesn’t really hurt. And I’m afraid that if I go to the doctor they’re going to tell me that I need to have surgery. And I can’t deal with that right now. I have stuff to do.

Plus, who’s going to watch my kids when I have to recover?

They can’t really watch themselves yet.

I know, I’ve tried.

And, surgery hurts.

And doctors can leave gauze or a turkey sandwich in your insides.

But I’m jumping to conclusions. Maybe it’s nothing.

Maybe it’s a impacted turd that just won’t move along.

Maybe it’s scar tissue from my 16 year-old decision to get my belly button pierced.

Gosh, I was cool.

Maybe it has something to do with the two pregnancies that I’ve had.

Maybe it’s all in my head and it’s absolutely nothing at all.

Writing this post is freaking me out just enough to finally call the doctor, and I just made an appointment for later today.

I’ll let you know…

Ooh, thrilling right?

Nothing like a good cliff hanger.


Since all of you are all sitting on the edge of your seats, I can tell, by the way, by the overwhelming amount of comments I’ve received (which is ZERO!), It’s fine. It’s not like I keep track of those things or anything, and it’s not like I read your comments at 4 am when I should be sleeping, and it’s not like I print them off and hang them on my bathroom mirror so I can see them every morning when I brush my teeth and pop my zits, it’s no big deal, seriously.



I will not keep you waiting anymore.

I saw a doctor today, he said, “Congratulations, it’s a hernia.”

After we smoked a celebratory cigar together, he gave me a referral to a surgeon.


And then the surgeon will decide if he wants to cut me open or not.

But seriously, what surgeon passes on a chance to cut people?

Maybe I can convince them that duct taping a quarter to my belly button will do the trick.




Sarcasmically is not a word? It totally should be.

by Sarah Megonie on May 17, 2011

I thought only old men who lifted heavy boxes got hernias. You’re not an old box lifting man… Or are you?

by Margie on May 17, 2011

In response to your question Margie, I’ll defer to what my mom would say, in a Minnesota accent, “Ya never know with the internets…”

by Beckey on May 17, 2011

That. Sucks.
I broke my thumb last year and it was during a really stressful, busy time at work. And I was so busy during the day that I just couldn’t squeeze what was sure to be a 9-hour emergency room trip in. And I was so tired at night that I decided I would rather lie on my own couch in pain as long as there was something good on TV and operate my life with one hand than go to the doctors. So I did. And today, I can’t bend my thumb and it hurts when it’s really humid but fuck it, it was worth it.

by Yellaphant on May 17, 2011

You said your doctor referred you to a surgeon, not that you went and saw one. So go see the surgeon!! What will I read on my breaks at work if you die from a hernia? Think of your readers, woman!
Seriously, go see the surgeon too.

by Bellacantare on May 17, 2011

Have you had it for more than a year? Then you probably won’t be cut open yet. They like to give it a year to see if they heal on their own. Or if aliens pops from them.

by Libby on May 17, 2011

Mea has an umbilical hernia. The doctors have said over and over that unless it hurts they are just leaving it alone. It has slowly gotten smaller and smaller over the years. Hopefully the surgeon likes things to heal naturally…

by Kelly on May 20, 2011

I sent “saracasmically” off to the Webster Dic people(maybe “dic” is not a good short version of the word to use) and they were totally amazed at you and want to give you an actual goldmine. And they would like you to come up with more words please. And sorry about the hernia, I hope everything works out with that. But hey, now you have gold.

by Shayna on June 4, 2011

Just found you from Curly Girl and, ah oh, I’m hooked! I can ease in with you being on a vaca and all. I had one of those hernia things going on a few years ago-not poking out-but I ignored it and it went away. I think if you just get one of those wall repair kits, your problem would be solved. This from a professional needle phobe.

by Stephanie George Hirschberg on July 14, 2011

[…] you gotten that hernia looked at? If you don’t do it soon you’re going to need an intestinal transplant, and […]

by Sunset Talk | Hippo Brigade on September 28, 2011

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The day my heart swelled


May 9, 2011

Mothers’ day was awesome. Mainly because Berlyn made me something at school. And there’s nothing that I love more than a handmade something. Now I just have to find a place to hang it…

She also had this to say about me…

Then we headed down to Solana Beach to have lunch and enjoy the afternoon.

We found Pat’s doppleganger in 30 years.

Both kids sat quietly in the stroller and checked out the sights, they didn’t cry, throw tantrums, or repeatedly ask for ice cream. There weren’t any blow out diapers or lost shoes, it was the perfect day. It was as if they knew it was Mothers’ day and nothing would make me  happier than quiet angelic children whom I occasionally forgot were there.

We went into a vintage shop and found this gem. It says “Boucherie” which is French for butcher shop.

Naturally, we’re planning on hanging it in our bedroom.

I love being a mom,

Especially because I have the best little monsters.

Hope you all had a great Mothers’s Day!




Adorable! Happy (belated) mothers day!

by Megan on May 9, 2011

love it! Happy Mothers Day!

by Tenille on May 9, 2011

I thought it said “douchearie.” I was wrong.

Happy Mother’s Day!

by Libby on May 9, 2011

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