Hudson’s 6 months old.


June 27, 2010

This is what you looked like when you were 2 months old.

Then 3 months old...

4 months

5 months

...and now you're 6 months old

Your personality is emerging and you’re loving, gentle, curious, and active.

Your giggles warm me.

And your bight blue eyes are astounding.

To celebrate your 6 months of being awesome, we fed you some goop for the first time.

I know is was kind of meh, but food gets a whole lot better tasting, I promise.

Your sister said it best when she said, “Oh, big boy now.”

It’s true, you’re not my tiny, fragile newborn baby anymore. Now you’re sturdy and very aware of the world around you.

Plus, you’re very active and you’re practically crawling now. I’m sorry for not putting you on the ground more. It’s for your own good. Well, it’s really for my own good, but same difference.

Way to go Huddy. Happy 6 months. You’re turning into a pretty awesome human.


He looks totally awesome.

by ryan walton on June 27, 2010

So big! Such a little doll. He looks so much like B in the last picture.

by Dena Lucas on June 27, 2010

Oh man, someone get me a box of tissues… is he really SITTING UP? Stop it now, Hudson! And I was going to say the same thing Dena said about him looking a lot like Berlyn in that last picture. Sweet, sweet kiddos you have.

by sarah on June 27, 2010

I love him.

by amanda on June 27, 2010

He is too cute…those eyes are INSANE! And thank goodness the food gets better than that rice cereal- BLECH!

by Carrie Braunalicious on June 27, 2010

What a gorgeous boy. And he is so right about rice cereal…

by Libby on June 28, 2010

he is so incredibly adorable.

by gorillabuns on June 28, 2010

He is really growing up and is so cute. It is hard to belive it has been that long since I started reading all your fun adventures!

by Amanda on June 29, 2010

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The Backwards R


June 23, 2010

If you have a child, chances (backwards) R that you’ve been to this mega-sized baby mart.

It is the epitome of everything that is wrong with the world.

The minute you step in you’re greeted with the most insane florescent lighting, because apparently all the superfluous plastic baby gear looks better when the light bounces off it and partially blinds you. Even before your pupils are able to properly dilate, you suddenly find yourself face-to-face with a portly woman with a purple smock and adult acne asking you if you need help.

Once you find what you need, you second guess yourself 6 times because they’re are far TOO MANY CHOICES, but before your brain leaks out of your head, Purple Smock is back asking you if you need help, again, because you look like a moron staring blankly at the shelves.  You ask her for her opinion on diaper cream, and she has to radio in 3 co-workers on her walkie-talkie before she tells you she likes the one that her manager told her to sell more of.

You finally make a decision and notice that you’ve left your wadded coupons at home!!


You could have saved $3.23 on that diaper ointment, but then you realize that coupons are for turds who enjoy carrying a fat stack of crumpled papers around with them at all times, and instead you like looking into your bag and seeing order, not chaos, and you think, it’s cool. I’m totally fine with not saving 3.23, because at least my life is more visually attractive.

And before you are able to turn and leave the store, the cashier hands you a fistful of paperwork in the form of 3 receipts and a coupon booklet.

And you think, you know where you can stick your coupon booklet, and then you envision throwing the papers back in her face.

HA. That will show her!

But instead you polietly take them and shove them into your once visually attractive bag.

Maybe you know the store I’m referring to?

Well. I hate it.

From now on I’m going to patron stores with creativity and integrity. Stores that are mindful of their shoppers, and don’t try to assail them with coupons and marketing tactics.

But since there are no baby stores in Orange County like that, (except for milkalicious),

I’ll be shopping on Amazon.

Peace out Backwards R. We are offically over.


I don’t even have a kid and I agree. I’ve taken to Etsy whenever I have to by a baby gift so that I can avoid the horrors of that store. Not to mention the fact that it also makes me feel like all the women in there are whispering under their breath and wondering when I’m due, or if I already have three kids, or if Jason knocked me up out of wedlock, etc.

by amanda on June 23, 2010

I completely agree! I wish there was a better store in the area. I have just started to go to Tarjay instead. They have the exact same stuff.

by Tenille on June 24, 2010

Amen sista

by melinda on June 29, 2010

I lived at that store with my first child. Now? I focus on independent, local shops. Your second sentence sums up what I’ve thought, too. Crappy lead-laden toys, drums of candy and junk food at every end cap, and a long line snaking through the store toward the one open cash register.

by MomZombie on July 7, 2010

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First Family Vacation


June 22, 2010

Where the heck have you been, Beckey? You might ask yourself.

Or you might be like, what? You went somewhere? Who the hell cares. What I want to know is how long is a hippo’s gestation? Can I find that here?

No, you can’t find that here.  But I have photos of our fantastic road trip where we traveled up and back down the California Coast.

It’s just as facinating, I promise. Or…it’s like those boooring family slide shows you were forced into watching when you were a youngster…you decide:

Here we are driving. There was a lot of that.

We visited San Luis Obisbo to watch my coolest bro-in-law graduate, then headed up to San Francisco.

Golden Gate Bridge

Then we went to Monterey.

Monterey Bay Aquarium


And took Highway 1:

Isn’t it beautiful?

Then, we went to Solvang and tasted wine…

Even Hudson got to taste some wine.  Everyone’s a winner!

There was an overarching theme to our trip. It was Bad Mood Berlyn.

Girlfriend was moody.

Here's Moody Berlyn at the quaint French cafe in the Ferry Building in San Francisco.

Moody Berlyn walking down the Embarcadero in S.F.

Moody Berlyn in our hotel room.

Moody Berlyn on a couch looking at a table of flames.

We then realized the cure to her bad mood was in the form of bacon, ice cream, lolly pops and wine.*

She perked right up.

At a breakfast spot in Solvang.

Eating ice cream while it was freezing outside at Ghirardelli Square in S.F.

Getting sauced at the Saarloos Winery/Enjoy Cupcakes bakery in Los Olivos.

*No, we didn’t really give her wine. I thought it would be fine, but Pat wouldn’t let me. He’s such a party pooper. Lame.


And that, my friends, was our family vacation.


It looks like you had a lovely vacation as soon as Berlyn was sated with bacon and ice cream. Beautiful pics.

Is that a Tiffany’s key you are wearing?

by Tami Wyatt on June 22, 2010

Wow. You are just baiting the “holier than though” mamas out there. They can sense pictures of kids around alcohol and zoom in with their talons and beaks.

Good luck.

by LIbby on June 22, 2010

And yes, I know it’s “thou.” Fucking spell check.

by LIbby on June 22, 2010

Love the vacay photos – my favourite is by far the wine tasting – way to pass on the pleasure!!! 🙂

by Holli on June 22, 2010

I love that you showed pics of your daughter being “moody”! That seems to be the overwhelming personality trait in all 3 of my children on every trip we take!! Hence, we stay home a lot…

by Jane Haag on June 22, 2010

I just said this to Ms. @ElisLids today, and now I’m gonna say it to you: your life is my favorite movie. 🙂 thanks for sharing!!

by Roxanne on June 22, 2010

Looks like a blast. The pictures of “Moody” are awesome. Bacon makes me happy too. Glad you are back safe.

by Wendy Wilson on June 23, 2010

You look gorgeous! These pictures make me miss you even more then I already do. So glad you had a great trip.

by Dena Lucas on June 23, 2010

LOL… you are too funny! You look great. We need to get together and maybe do coffee or something!

by Tenille on June 24, 2010

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Last week in photos


June 8, 2010

Here’s some stuff we’ve been up to.

We demo’ed the side yard.

I helped.

If you consider standing inside, watching from a safe distance helpful, then yes, I helped.

But we can’t take out that lattice behind Pat yet, because a mommy and a daddy mourning dove have built their nest there.

And they laid eggs.


Yeah, as soon as we thought the coast was clear and they all flew the coup, they came back the next day and started laying more eggs.

Apparently momma bird thinks the world needs more mourning doves.

Except momma is kinda of a klutz, because she dropped one of her eggs.

Meanwhile, Hudson had a fever for 9 days.

And I pulled all my hair out and went to the doctor’s office just about every day.

But he didn’t seem too bothered by it.

Berlyn had a giant booger.

And in my opinion, the best part about last week was finding these suckers:

Nope, they’re not girl scout Somoas, they’re Keebler.

So now I don’t have to wait around for a 5 year old with a superiority complex.

I can eat them anytime I want.

But if I eat too many, it’ll give me an excuse to run in my brilliant new patent yellow trainers.

Zowie! They’re bright.

And that was my week.


I think mama birds purposely push one egg out to warn the others to behave.

by Libby on June 8, 2010

Amen on the beautifully stated assertion about girl scouts 😉

by Julie Snell on June 8, 2010

I love the shoes, and I love Libby’s comment. Made my day.

by Kori on June 8, 2010

What!?!?!? I am completely distracted by your fabulous find! What, pray tell, are those delicious looking Samoa wannabe cookies called? I will be rushing out to purchase them asap!
Oh, and yeah. Your other pics were nice too.

by Heather on June 8, 2010

I totally love your nail color. Freaky I noticed, yes. But green is totally the new black.

by Erin on June 9, 2010

OMG I LOVE THOSE SHOES. Also I am eating up pictures of Hudson the way you are eating up that cupcake in your header. I love his weirdo faces.

by Yellaphant on June 9, 2010

That Hudson! Such a doll. Hope he’s better now.

by Suz Broughton on June 9, 2010

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My new cozy pants


June 1, 2010

Hi. My name is Beckey, and I’m addicted to comfy pants. It’s been three days since I last wore comfy pants in public.

Hi, Beckey

Here’s the thing: pants with a supportive elastic waistband are just plain comfortable. And they hold in my mom belly in nicely. I don’t have to worry about that tube of flexy skin wibbling about, waiving to my grocer and whatnot while I’m bending over to grab a gallon of milk.

What is that?


My belly stretches and gets huge for 9 months, then I pop out a baby, and the thanks I receive is a smooshie, mushy middle?

In order for me to feel normal, I need to holster my lady love. It needs to be tightly coddled inside the confines of my yoga pants for me to feel less jiggly and more free to experience the world.

It’s like those artfully shot tampon commercials; where they’re riding a horse on the Hawaiian shoreline. Or when the women start twirling around for no good reason.

Because they can.

In my mind, in order for me to twirl carelessly or ride into the sunset on a horse, I need to be snapped into place by my yoga pants.

They’re like spanx for my midsection.

Sound effect: WHAPPACCHHH!

But I want to look less schleppy.


**Thinking face

I don’t want to look like I’ve just come from a cycling class at the gym everyday.

Because I haven’t been to the gym in two years.

I don’t even know where the gym is anymore.

So, here’s what:

I’m gonna wear jeans.

When I’m running errands.

Maybe looking nicer will convince me to work out every once in a while.

I donno.

I’m hoping for a domino effect.



It’s going to feel weird at first. What with all that starchy fabric poking at my belly. But maybe I’ll get used to it.

It will be like when I got used to thong underwear.

At first a string going up my ass crack drove me crazy, now it’s like, meh, whatever.

I’m hoping in a few weeks jeans will be like my new cozy pants.

Or I can just get these:

Pajama jeans!

Cozy pants that look like jeans!

It’s brilliant.


I call them fun pants. Because there is no such thing as fun without them.

by Libby on June 1, 2010

Buy me a pair too, those are AWESOME!

by sarah on June 1, 2010

Gosh. Write a book already. I love it.

by melinda on June 7, 2010

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