Would You Like A Side of Politics with Your Toast?

I have something embarrassing to tell you. But because we are all friends, I know that you won’t judge me. As you probably already know, Pat works from a home office. It is upstairs. And for those of you who have a two-story home you’re already aware that it takes a great deal of energy to walk up stairs. You have to pick up your foot extra-high and repeat it at least 14 times, I mean, who has the time for that? So, what I end up doing is ichatting him when I need to ask him something, yes, I ichat my husband when he is just UPSTAIRS! We’re both in front of our computers, I figure, why the heck not? Here is a small excerpt from our morning conversation:

Me: Do you think I can get Gloria Estefan’s “Turn the Beat Around” for my ring tone?

Him: Maybe

Me: I want the part where she says “rat-tat-tat-tat-tat-tat-tat on the drum….heyeehhyeeayhhea!!”
But only when you call.

Him: No. I refuse.

Me: And then when my mom calls I want “Hips Don’t Lie” by Sharkira

Me: Then when my brother calls I want a song by John Tesh, I don’t care which one.

Him: I’ll see what I can do.

Me: Thanks a bunch. Hey what are you doing right now?

Him: I’m trying to figure out who I should vote for.

Me: Oooh.

Him: My dilemma is: should be voting for who will benefit ME the most, or who will be best for MOST?

Me: I think you have to go with the best person for the job. and who is going to help our country the most. You have to go a step above being selfish.

Him: Yeah, but I find it to be such a selfish process; Who aligns with what I think?
Who will benefit me the most? Those are the questions it seems like everyone is asking.
Not that that isn’t ok, just interesting to consider. I have trouble with the main difference between democrats and republicans; less government vs. more government–Is the government the solution to helping poor people?

Me: I don’t know. I feel that I am ill-equipped for this conversation. But what I do know is I had a slice of sourdough toast for breakfast, and it was good. That, I can talk about.

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Radiohead is one of my most favorite bands. They are always reinventing themselves and their music is so beautiful. As I’m sure you already know, they released In Rainbows recently, but they also released a second disc from In Rainbows that kicks a fair piece of ass as well. Please to be enjoyed:


Jovovich-Hawk for Target

jovohawk-target1-01081.jpg Target is fantastic, I don’t need to tell you this. They have candy, laundry detergent, and recently they have designer labels. With their new GO campaign Target highlights couture designers that do a scaled down, affordable version of their fashion line. This, I think, is genius. The new designers that are coming for spring are Jovovich-Hawk. Who are amazing. Their line will be in stores March 2 and will include smock dresses, tunics, and minis, all vintage-inspired. Can’t wait.



If you’ve been to IKEA then you’ve probably seen their assortment of Swedish food they keep near the cash registers (which I always thought was weird, that they store it in front of the cash registers, so you see it after you’ve already purchased your Billy bookcase. So if you happen across a craving for some Lingonsylt after you have checked out, you have to get back in line–this is dumb). But what is not dumb is their amazing packaging of food products:


Coffee in a box

Here’s some creamed smoked roe with a little boy smiling as if to say, “I love roe from a tube, don’t you?” To which we reply, “ugh, I…uh, well, um…”

Food from a tube is so convient


Is that Christie Brinkley?



We rarely leave Ikea without buying Marabou. It’s my favorite.


A Swedish Food bag in which to place all of your Swedish food selections.



Jenielle’s husband Chris expressed that he wanted me to write something about him on my blog.

With the help from my 1962 Thorndike-Barhart Junior Dictionary I will formulate an acrostic to describe the many attributes of Chris.

C is for Czechoslovakian which Chris is NOT, but he is Polish, which is very close to Czechoslovakia.


H is for hurlyburly which means noisy disorder and confusion. It is a word that I have never heard of before, and since Chris loves to learn, hopefully he’s never heard of it before either.

R is for rivet which are found on jeans, and Chris wears jeans.


I is for infant, because he has a baby

S is for stalagmite, and that’s a fun word to say.

There you go Chris, I hope you like it.


I got an iphone!

I’ve never had anything this cool before. I’m afraid that I’m not worthy. I love it already. Thank you Pat for loving me so strongly that your love compelled you to buy me an iphone, even if that means we can’t eat food for the next 12 days–totally worth it.


Jenielle got one too…


and so did Pat.


It was as if iphones were raining from the sky.

My Round, Smooth Surfaces

The photo in the masthead of this website makes me giggle. Not for obvious reasons, but for one very brown and blotchy reason. See that discoloration to the right of my chin? Yeah, the one you probably thought was shingles. Well it’s a hickey. From Pat you ask? Well, that would be sweet–and a little strange that my husband would suck on my face for foreplay. But no, we’re not that weird. It’s a hickey from Berlyn. She was about 7 months there, and during that time she went through a phase I’ve entitled, “OMG! Mommy Makes Milk!” Of course Berlyn always knew this, but I think the idea really settled in for her around this time. Her line of thinking was simple: because mommy makes milk, then I can suck anywhere and get milk, right? WRONG. Berlyn you are very wrong. She would latch on to me anywhere she could, but she preferred my round, smooth surfaces. My chin being one of her favorites, and my bare shoulder. I would always intercept her as quickly as I could, but even if she sucked my face for 2.3 seconds, I would quickly develop a hickey. The plus side to this is that she no longer cried when she was hungry. Nooo, instead she’d come at my round, smooth surfaces with this strange gleam in her eye, and like a leach, would suck—slurrrpp.

Buying the Little Sizes is Cheaper

Chloe just launched a girls’ clothing line and Neiman Marcus carries it. It is so adorable, and not for Berlyn—for ME! I’m pretty sure that with a little bit of squeezing and a good pair of Spanx I could get myself into a 12-14. They also have Little Marc (Marc Jacobs), Phillip Lim 3.1, Burberry, and Juicy Couture.


Little Marc Wool Coat


Juicy Couture Shift Dress


Chloe Shift Dress


Phillip Lim Trench Dress